Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I’m really hoping this “never miss a Monday” gets me on the same track for blogging as it does running. So far I’m two for two! And as excited as I am to go to sleep and try out this new sleeping app… you know, one of those ones that is suppose to wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep… I had to get in my Monday motivation to keep me going the rest of this week!

So here we goooooo!





And humor. Because the snow here in New Hampshire is a joke.


Beware: this is about to get nerdy…






Monday Motivation

Greetings! I hope this Monday finds you well. I think my past week of an average of four hours of sleep a night finally caught up to me and I’m looking forward to going to bed as soon as possible. Hopefully I can make it through this post. Originally, I thought I would make it for a run this evening, but I think sleep is more important at this point. i wouldn’t want to be getting sick for my birthday week!

Here’s some motivation for your Monday:




And some jokes. Because laughing is good for you.


Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Not sure what it is all of a sudden, but I’m finally feeling super motivated. When I got home from work I had a great 30 minute cycle workout before dinner which is just what I needed. My day started off in a pretty foul mood since it was snowing and I had to brave the roads to go to work. Like… when is it not snowing? It can calm down.

So if you started off your day like mine, here’s a little pick-me-up:






And lucky for you, my mood this morning left me feeling super sassy:









I hope you all have a great week!

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I have no idea how it is already another Monday, but here we are! This week is sure to go by quick. So far this week there has already been a snow storm, but is is a whole 20 degrees warmer than last week (making it a balmy 30!) So here’s to good weather and a short week.

Here’s some motivation for your week:





But most importantly, here are some jokes. I swear, the cornier they are, the more I think they are funny. I think a lot of things are funny. I couldn’t contain myself this week, hopefully at least one makes you smile big. 🙂


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New Year, New Hobby

I wrote this once and somehow magically deleted it. Writing something for the second time just doesn’t come as naturally as the first. So please excuse my awful grammar, changes of tenses, and overall ADD style of this post 😉

Greetings! So I may have made an impulse buy. But an impulse buy that is good for my health and well-being. I have recently had an interest in cycling and almost like the idea of doing a triathlon. The only part of the triathlon that I don’t like is that I’m not the best swimmer… and I didn’t own a bicycle. So pretty much the running part is the only part I would be comfortable with. I figured swimming could be fixed with practice but I still didn’t know what to do for a bike.

After doing that 5k New Years day, I was feeling all sorts of inspired. I mean running for your first activity of the new year is seriously getting off on the right foot. Aside from feeling energized after that run, I had a chance to talk to a few friends who do triathlons. Just the fact that I knew someone who did one made me want to. They also informed me that Eastern Mountain Sports was having a sale on select bicycles that they weren’t going to carry anymore or older 2014 models. I thought meeeehhh I should probably check them out.

The closest I had come to buying one before only goes as far as googling “good bicycle for beginners.” That never got me too far. I always thought they were too expensive and I wasn’t sure what I even wanted in one. Besides wheels. I knew I wanted those. Two.

Craigslist was an option as well, or a used one from a shop. My only problem with those is you can’t do a “bike fax” on them and see their history. I wanted to get something I knew would last me a while and be safe.


So off to EMS I went. I was all like “I’m here to get a new hobby, I need a bike.” I was asked a few questions and the man realized I had no idea about anything and then brought out this beautiful Masi Vincere and I fell in love. It looked like an Italian sports car. He attached some pedals, fitted me to the bike, and put it on the trainer. I pedaled. I looked like a fool. It felt great.

So I was in a state of “This feels good… I think.” I mean it was a little uncomfortable, but I was also sitting weird and had no form what so ever. I just wanted to look at my feet. And the bike. It sparkled.


I was obviously confused so the man brought me two more bikes. One I said no to right away. It just didn’t “feel” right. Like I even know what it was suppose to feel like. The second one he brought out actually felt just as good as the Masi! Too good. It made me confused. By now my butt felt a little soar and I was exhausted from running that morning and actually working up a sweat.

I couldn’t make any decisions that day and it was literally my first time looking and bicycles so I left. Well I put the first and last bikes on hold, then left.

I did a little research on them, asked around, and then went skiing the next day. Up until then I was leaning toward the second bike, but on my fifth run down the mountain, I decided I should buy the Masi. Just like that.


I knew I passed EMS on the way home so how convenient was that. I was excited to get off the mountain. After all, the best part of skiing is taking off those uncomfortable ski boots and putting on running sneakers.


When I got to EMS, I took both bikes on hold out for a spin outside. The Masi, which already won in my mind, won that round as well. I felt like I could ride it all day. This is good considering I hadn’t been on a bike in about five years. It was questionable at times, but I was getting into it by the end! The other bike made me feel stretched out and I was constantly thinking that I should adjust myself. I figured that wasn’t a good feature in a bike.


So now this beautiful bike lives in my house. If I don’t end up ever doing a triathlon, I know it will be a great cross training device. My knees will thank me down the road for that. I’m looking forward to an winter of training inside before I actually hit the road and embarrass myself. Yay for trying new things!!!

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday Night! Normally I’d be dreading the Monday that is right around the corner, but knowing I have a short (and busy) week doesn’t make it seem that bad! The next few days are going to fly by! I gave myself last Friday off to get caught up on some Christmas essentials, like baking.

So my Friday morning started off the right way with a little help from Mr. Kitchen.


Friday’s baking consisted of peanut butter blossoms! these are super simple and delicious! the only problem I have is that the recipe claims it will make 48… and I only ended up with 28… whoopsies!


Besides baking, the other best part of having Friday off was the fact that I had daylight! I headed out for a very chilly fun on mny favorite three(ish) mile loop. The legs felt good after four days off! I’m always worried that after a few days off my legs will forget how to run. They never do, thank goodness.


Friday night activities found me at a Celtics game. Before the game there was a quick trip to the mall. Feast your eyes on the best window ever by J.Crew. I died. And then took up the entire walkway trying to get a picture.


So I would say the first day of my three day weekend was a success! After getting home pretty late, I didn’t have much time to slow down and relax (besides sleep) before I was up the next morning for another run before another busy day! The temperature was pretty freakin cold. I had no idea how to dress. I ended up with my Lulu Scuba hoodie. It wasn’t annoying to run in at all, but I did get a little overheated since I was expecting there to be a wind. I did my favorite three mile loop again… it’s quick, easy, convenient, and I know I can do it in less than half an hour.


Time a matter Saturday morning because late morning I shipped back to Boston to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. What an interesting show. Not what I would have expected at all. While I’m not going to go out and buy a TSO CD and become their biggest fan, I will say it is worth seeing. The lighting and stage presence of all the performers makes it worth it.


When I got home from the show, I realized my Halo Headband had arrived!!!! I considered going out and running right then, but decided to wait until the morning like a sane person. I wasn’t expecting to get it so soon since I wasn’t even a paying customer, but there it was in all its’ teal glory.


For Sunday, I had so many dreams and ambitions, but only got a few things done. First of all, I tackled my wrapping project. It took nearly three times as long as I thought it was going to. I had to get organized before I could even wrap. The one flaw in my plan is I didn’t put name tags on everything so I hope I can go with the shake and remember what was in the box technique I always end up doing.


i obviously had to go out and try my new headband, I was even ambitious enough to go a little longer today. I know I’m completely capable of running at least 6+ miles, but since I’m not training for anything I don’t see the point. I would rather keep a base where I can run 3-5 with zero effort than risk injuring myself on a longer run. My knees thank me for this logic.

For my entire run today little snow flurries were present. It was actually very peaceful and fun to run in, except for when I would get one in my eye and couldn’t see anything. While the snow was falling, this headband was staying put. Didn’t even budge a little. It’s a headband from the heavens. I can’t believe I didn’t get my hands on one sooner. It’s a nice thick one too, so when I was feeling a little chilly in the ear regain, I just slipped it over my ears a little. The one reason I hate running with actually headbands over my ears is that I feel like they trap the sweat and make me overheated. This one wicks the sweat right away and I didn’t get a little streak going down my face like I usually do. I most definitely need to invest in their winter headband.

The rest of my day was spend trying to figure out what was wrong with my cookie press and fighting with it. I did end up getting it to work, but it wasn’t a smooth operation. I should have just rolled out my cookies instead of trying to make that darn thing work. Oh well, it will be ready for next time!

I guess the one main thing I didn’t get to doing today was studying for my CPA exams…. the holidays and all its activities are just too exciting and distracting! At least there is always next Sunday… right?!

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope you all are getting in the holiday spirit out there and have a few vacation days ahead!

I can across a quote this week by Susan Sidoriak that said, “I date you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life.” I mean that is right on… I have never been more motivation or inspired to do anything since my marathon. It’s kind of like anything is now possible. The only problem is training for a marathon seems easier than trying to be a CPA at this point… but I just need to keep trucking on and reminding myself that all the “training” towards taking the exams will be worth it in the end! Trying to pass these exams is definitely like training for a big race. You have to pace yourself, not let yourself get too overwhelmed, and have a game plan.

Here’s a few things to get you motivated this week:




And some things to make you smile: