Let Them Eat Cake

After this past Thursday, I’m pretty convinced that your birthday is really just a test to see how much cake you can eat in one day. Everyone knows that I’m slightly obsessed with cupcakes and cakes in general. I have no idea what it is. I have a theory that it is the fact they are normally associated with celebrations. I mean, I personally don’t know anyone who casually makes cakes and always has a dozen cupcakes to offer their guests.

Working on your birthday leaves a lot to be desired, but my day started out the right way: with a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries. Chocolate covered strawberry included. It was a vanilla cupcake with a chocolate filling and light, fluffy strawberry frosting on top.


No, I regrettably did not have the entire cupcake for breakfast. I only had a bite and made my normal smoothie. I figured I would need some nutrients for this day. I felt a theme coming on.

For my second cake of the day, my work surprised me with these beautiful cupcakes from a local grocery store. They were delicious! They were vanilla cake with vanilla fluffy frosting. For someone who likes cake as much as I do, I sure disappoint with my favorite. I like vanilla. Even more disappointing is that I like the lightest frosting you can get, something along the lines of whipped cream works best for me.


There’s something about super sweet frosting I just can’t stand. It makes my teeth feel like they are decaying on the spot. But the frosting on these cupcakes did not disappoint. I could have eaten it alone with a spoon.


After a dinner (yes, it was real food, not sugar based) I was surprised with a whole cake… yes I know this is getting ridiculous by now. It was around this time I decided it was a day to test how much I love cake. Added bonus: how cute are the safari themed candles?!


The cake takes the cake…. haha? Like what is this post even about… This final one was vanilla cake with a whipped cream frosting and layers of raspberry jam. Like added, added bonus with this one: Champagne.


I don’t even need gifts on my birthday. Give me cake, candles and champagne and I’ll be the happiest of campers.

Luckily, I had help to eat all of the above and my weekend following was full of running. But there is still some of that last one left…. that I should probably finish so it can’t temp me any longer!


Wicked Good Cupcakes (in a jar)

On the way back from NYC, I demanded a mandatory stop at the place in New Haven, CT where I had my first froyo experience (at Froyo World!).

While there, I couldn’t help but pick one of theses up. Wicked Good Cupcakes were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013. This mother daughter duo from MA creates non perishable (for up to ten days) cupcakes in a jar that are easy to ship. The main attraction to these is that the have two cupcakes and a layer of frosting not only on the top, but in the middle as well. There’s a pretty good bio of the two on their site as well as here.


I opted to try Elfy’s Birthday Cake since it was a Froyo World exclusive.


They have a collaboration with Froyo World to sell them, so each has a sticker with Elfy on them (slightly obsessed). Each cupcake in a jar also comes with a spoon.


An extra layer of frosting = extra sprinkles = happy Brittany.


Thoughts: as a cupcake lover, I normally would opt for a decorated traditional cupcake, but I can see the novelty of these easy, transportable treats. They are definitely for someone that loves frosting and the overall taste of everything was delicious. They are a little pricey (mine was $6.99 in the store) but I would say they are worth trying at least once and would make an excellent gift!