What’s Getting Me Through

Happy Wine Wednesday/Hump Day!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Today in New Hampshire the temp was above 40 degrees… heat wave!!! I’m looking forward to this weekend where it should be in the upper 20s and I can venture out on some long runs. More importantly, I’m counting down the days until April 15th (I think we’re at 43 now). I wish I had all these fun workouts to report and could give details of my long runs… but sadly the office is holding be captive 12-15 hours a day and with my added commute time and occasionally showering and eating, the wear of running on my body is not welcomed. Ironic that this is also the time of the year when I need running the most. Holy restless leg syndrome! Once the clocks change, I’m hoping to take a break at the office around 6 when it closes to the public and going on mini runs… something is better than nothing! Until now I’m living for the weekends!

As awful as I make tax season sound, I do love it. The work is challenging, but the days do go by fast and I love solving everyone’s tax puzzles. Every client I have is unique and no two returns are ever the same! Aside from that, there are still plenty of little things that help me get through my long weeks:


PRO just released their new SOM today! You can find it here! Warning: if you are a popular size (S/M) they will sell out! I made the mistake with the last SOM and never got around to getting it. These are perfect for your St. Patrick’s day races and to give you luck throughout the year. I mean, they have clovers. You will get lucky in them (and get a PR… get your mind out of the gutters).


This is probably the most random birthday gift I’ve ever received, but it’s also the most useful. I completely forget the name, but it’s this little clay pot with a dome lid on it and a handle. The lid has a hole on top and you can make delicious things in the microwave. It’s main claim to fame is poaching eggs. I have yet to try that but the other day I threw in a couple whisked eggs, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and microwaved it with the lid on for 1:30 minutes. The results were this super fluffy and delicious omelette! On my yumminess. The booklet it came with had a bunch of other recipes I can’t wait to try!


Like I said earlier, I live for the weekends. I can’t wait to get to Saturday where I can put on my favorite socks, lace up my shoes, and go tracking through mud season. Living on a dirt roads gets pretty nasty this time of year, but my running attire brightens it up a bit!


Most importantly, whenever you are feeling down, there is a picture of a Corgi with a flower on it’s face. If I could have any dog in the world it world it would be a Corgi. Close to the ground, close to your heart. Life goals.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and I’ll keep reading all your running recaps and gym workouts and living vicariously through you until Saturday!



Life Lately

Happy Saturday!!! I actually have no idea what day it is… I just wrote Friday and earlier today I could have sworn it was a Tuesday. Tax season is really throwing me for a loop and a half here. At least I have tomorrow off and I plan on making it feel as much of a Sunday as possible. After a few rides on the trainer and runs on the treadmill this week, I was happy to get out this afternoon and breathe some fresh air.


A nice easy three was just what I needed to feel loosened up. However, I definitely should have made today my long run since it looks like there is a chance of snow tomorrow. By chance I mean there is. There always is. In fact, it’s even snowing a little right now.

Meanwhile, while I am running around all week and every week from now until April 15th, Coco is doing what she does second best. Sleep. (Barking is what she is best at)


After taking that photo, she gave me the worst look for waking her up. She wouldn’t last a day in my shoes, but I would gladly trade places with her for even a few hours.

As you all know, busy schedules come with weird eating habits. I’ve eaten lunch out the past two days and I hate myself for it. Not only does it add up, but it’s hard to pick the healthiest options all the time. Packing my own lunch generally saves me money and calories. Please feel free to leave me suggestions on what to pack for lunch that is easy, delicious, and I can possibly make ahead of time! I need all the help I can get. I’m also not picky.

Breakfast on the other hand, I can handle. I can’t eat right when I wake up so I usually pack that to go as well and eat it when I get to work. Lately, I’ve been making a lot of nutrient packed smoothies and overnight oats:


Ok that doesn’t look appetizing at all… but it tastes delicious! It was pretty tragic when I ran out of oatmeal in the middle of the week. My favorite part of overnight oats is that all I have to do is remember to grab the mason jar out of the fridge in the morning before heading out. Right before leaving I through in some frozen fruit which keeps it cold on my 45 minute commute.

Not sure when I decided to turn this into a post about food… but other things I’m loving lately are blueberries and hummus! (not together…) Maybe it was just that I read Tom Brady eats a lot of both, but I’m addicted. I buy the party size tubs and go through them so quickly with pita chips and carrots. What I really want to do is make my own… So if you have a recipe for that, let me know! (Ok… this is also quickly become an “help me!” post”)

Other things I’m loving this week include the fact that Pro Compression came out with their sock of the month earlier this week and I heart it with all my heart!


Sizes are selling out, so if yours is still available, act fast!

One final thing I’m loving is this quote:


With everything going on in the news, work, life… everything… it’s very easy to lose faith in human nature. However, when I think back to my marathon (and every race I’ve ever done), nothing beats the excitement around the finish line and the support along the way. You can’t control human nature in general, but you can control the humans you surround yourself with, and the most important human of all: yourself.

Have a great weekend! Go eat some oatmeal!

PRO Compression Ambassador (and sale!)

Good evening! (or good morning… it’s 12:22 a.m…) This is obviously the time that I finallllly have some time to myself to sit down, relax and confront you all about my very eventful week. Stay tuned.

accounting-image-3Event numero uno: Work has been nutzo. Not only is it the beginning of filing season, but all payroll quarterly reports, W-2s and 1099s have to be distributed by the end of January. My office + short staffed + someone out on maternity leave + a “blizzard” + 1,000 clients = one very nice paycheck and a mentally exhausted human. In all seriousness, I really am thankful during weeks like these. In my office, we all have our own work to do and our own deadlines with our clients, but when a deadline crisis hits us, everyone is willing to help each other out and somehow, by the help of a higher power, everything gets completed on time. Then we can breathe for .2 seconds before we dive head first into the next deadline. Times like these really show the importance of teamwork (and a lot of patience). It is also job security at its finest.

Event number two: Earlier this week, amongst the chaos, I got a very exciting e-mail. I was chosen to be a PRO Compression Ambassador for 2015!!!! I found out about these AMAZING compression socks from a past ambassador last year (how appropriate), and my collection can’t grow quick enough. I was extremely skeptical about compression socks when I first head of them, but these are by far my favorite. They have become just as important to me on long runs as wearing sneakers.


Event 3: PRO Compression is having a flash sale this weekend in honor of me!! JUST KIDDING… it’s in honor of the Superbowl. SO, this weekend only, you can get 40% off your entire purchase and free shipping over $20 with the code “SUPER”. So go ahead, knock your socks off. Get a touchdown on a great deal. Think of your own bad jokes while browsing their website.

So let’s recap; accounting, socks, bad jokes… yup, that just about sums up my life lately! This weekend I’m looking to spend a lot of time getting studying done for my CPA exam as well as a few long runs. There’s also some football game on, I’ll probably watch that. And eat. Helloooo wings and nachos!

A Runner’s Wish List

Hi! Since it’s Christmas time, I’ve spend a lot of time online trying to figure out the perfect gifts for everyone. Of course, during my travels I’ve found a few things I wouldn’t mind finding under my Christmas tree this year. These are all things I wouldn’t normally buy myself due to the high price (hence the title “Wish List”)… I would really need to be treating myself. However, it’s always good to treat someone during the holiday season so these may be perfect ideas for the running enthusiast in your life!


Nike Shield Max Running Jacket

This jacket has around 500 useful features. To name a few:

  • Removable face mask hidden in the hood
  • Reflective elements
  • Pockets!
  • It’s durable and water-repellent
  • You can cover your hands with built in mitten-like-things
  • Pretty contrasting colors

The price seems high at $200, but I feel like it could be part of almost every winter run, thereby justifiable. It’s everything I would want in a winter running jacket. It’s thin, warm, light weight, and water repellant. I normally go for a size small in most things running related, but with this I tried it on and a medium was more comfortable and would allow me to layer. You can find this jacket online for a discount through select stores through promotions and deals. (This is also perfect to embrace Nike’s Choose Your Winter campaign. You can see the video for it here.)


Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones

I use to go through headphones a lot, but I’ve had the same pair of Yurbuds for over a year. I think I’m finally responsible enough to own nice headphones. After all, they would be part of every single one of my runs, just like my sneakers. They are priced at $149.95 and I have never seen them for anything less than that. They come with different sized rubber pieces to find your perfect fit and a little carrying case. I loved my Yurbuds for a long time, but recently I think I have loved them a little too much and the the rubber pieces keep slipping off and it’s only a matter of time before I lose one. These Bose headphones are waterproof and feature an inline mic/remote. I’ve read a lot of headphone reviews, and while these don’t seem to be perfect, they are a lot better than many brands I read about. The main problem seems to be the mic stops working. This wouldn’t phase me since I rarely would use that feature anyway. As long as the sound is Bose quality, I’m game.


LuluLemon Think Fast LongSleeve

Most people wouldn’t think of company first when it comes to running, but I love running in LuluLemon. Their clothes never have seams that rub on me, nothing ever rides up, and the fit is always amazing. I tried on this top in stores and fell in love. It’s a perfect heavy, breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. It has little zip pockets for storing treasures (and keys), thumb holes, and cuff pockets on the sleeves for useful things like tissues. It has a slim fit, but is on the longer side. Mesh under the armpits provide extra ventilation, a high neck in back prevents snow from falling in your shirt, and the shoulders are bunched to give you extra movement. It’s $88 dollars which can seem like a lot for a long sleeve running shirt, but it’s think enough that I would almost qualify it under the sweater/pullover category. Whatever you want to call it, it’s wonderful. newpink-tall-0513__82735.1405407210.1280.1280

Pro Compression Marathon Socks

These I actually don’t need to hold out for since they are almost always offering 40% off your purchase making these $50 socks $30. I was worried at first that compression socks would cut off my circulation and make my legs stop working, but I then learned that compression socks are sent from heaven to help me with my long runs. Their short socks are great too! I want a lllll the colors, especially these pink ones. I haven’t tried any other brand of compression socks, but I don’t feel the need to. These just make me happy. And you can never have too many socks. And the more socks you have the less often you need to do laundry. Win win. Next up, I need to try their cropped pants.

So that wraps it up! (haha… wraps… get it? Christmas gifts?) What’s on your running wish list?