Magical Weekend

Hi there! I learned something the other day: blogging is hard when a bad internet connection… Whenever I have tried in the past few days it’s a constant battle of “did this load?” “did that really post?” or “can this hurry up!?” The answer to all of those seas generally a big fat “no!” Blogging and learning right here…

Anyway, provided this post goes according to plans, I just got back Monday night from a wonderful, magical, exhausting weekend at Disney World! I left on the first flight out Friday morning and the last flight in Monday night and didn’t even have to miss a second of work! What a whirlwind of a vacation!

We visited Hollywood Studios:


The Magic Kingdom:


Animal Kingdom:


And Epcot! (personal favorite)


Everyday was packed from the moment of waking up to around 1 am when the Magic Kingdom closed. I’m feeling like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! I’m glad I got to sneak in one last weekend away before tax season hits in full speed!


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