Becoming Elsa

TGIF!! My office is closed for Fridays before tax season starts up… so I got to sleep in and have a leisurely morning up early to have the best day off ever. I have been looking forward to a run outside all week! The morning called for snow. I obviously had to get out there before it stopped. I think it was actually the worst part of the mini storm. It was awesome. The few cars on the road were extremely confused.


It was pretty snowy. By the end I couldn’t see much, but I was afraid to take the icicles off of my lashes because of a fear of snapping them off. I think I’ve heard this happen to hair, or that it is not good to let wet hair freeze. I was probably fine, but I didn’t feel like experimenting. Plus, I knew it would look more extreme the longer I went without wiping my face.


Last night I got prepared for this run by putting hexagon screw in my shoes. It worked wonders. I need to try with another pair of shoes that have a little more to them so I don’t stab my foot… maybe some trail shoes? And side note… DO NOT for any reason think you can walk on hardwood floors to go grab your headphones. I’m an idiot.


I wore four layers on the top: My Wineglass Marathon long sleeve, a Jones Wares merino wool long sleeve, a Nike 3/4 zip, and this cute purple jacket I got for Christmas. Normally for 18 degrees this would be too warm for me, but with the wind chill making it around 5, I was thankful for my layers. On the bottom I had wonderful fleece lined Underarmour tights and Pro Compression socks. I used a neck warmer and a headband. And no gloves. I hate gloves. I’m pretty sure like 90% of my sweat comes from my hands or something because when I wear gloves I can’t take the off soon enough. They usually last me about half a mile. I’m strange.


An old pair of Asics Gel-Kayanos were used to experiment with the screws. The only reason I retired the shoes was because I bought them a half size larger than I normally do and they ended up stretching out too much for me. The extra support they provide was perfect for the snowy run.


COVERED in frozen snow happiness. This whole mini photo shoot with myself happened after my run. At this point I was warmed up and just so excited to be outside during daylight. Such an improvement from my windowless office.


Looking festive here in New Hampshire!


Quit a bit of snow accumulated quickly. Now it’s down to a light fluffy so I’m glad I went during the most adventurous part. The only challenging part was that they had not plowed yet so when I car came I was past my ankles in snow and there wasn’t much for my sneakers to grab onto. When I was clear of any oncoming traffic running on the icy road was a breeze!

Now it’s going to be hard to top such an exciting morning, but I’m off to be productive!


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