Scenes from a NH Christmas

I’m clearly not over the fact that Christmas is over. While I had a busy five days off, they were full of good food, gifts, and trees. Something about Christmas didn’t feel as Christmas-y as it did in the past. Maybe it was the lack of snow on the ground. Or may it was the fact I use to be on break from school and now I study through the holidays to try and pass my CPA exams. Regardless, pictures prove that my house was in fact Christmas. In fact, it looked like Christmas threw up all over it.


We have an artificial tree. We have floor heating and animals. This way we avoid a house fire and a sick dog.


For some reason in my house, having a variety of wrapping paper is important. There is everything from tractors to owls. We cover all grounds and colors. All things glittery and shiny included.


The red with bows was my favorite this year. It got glitter everywhere. It was awesome.


Christmas morning breakfast took place in the middle of opening gifts. Cinnamon rolls, fruit and Pannukaku (Finnish pancake). The spelling on that is entirely questionable, google even told me five different ways. It’s pretty much an egg, milk, and flour based dish that has an eggy pancake texture and you bake it until it puffs up. We serve ours with maple syrups or powdered sugar. Custard. It has a custard texture, that’s it.


Oh my yum.


Between breakfast and lunch I took my new shoes out for an adventure. It was unusually warm for Christmas in New Hampshire and it felt good to get outside. We had had rain and clouds for almost a week so the sun was a Christmas miracle.



Our family’s dinner contribution was green beans that are cooked with sesame oil, soy sauce, onions, garlic, and topped with sesame seeds. It has crunchy green beans and can be served warm or cold.


Since we’re in New Hampshire, a flannel shirt was extremely appropriate for this holiday. I glommed mine up with a little sparkle.


I found this tank online. I died. I do not lift weights. I think Santa only saw that I run.


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the best chocolate cake ever. Chocolate cake. Chocolate frosting, Chocolate shavings. Chocolate win. Nap.


And another tree. This one more festive than the first. Here, disney paper was important.


So now looking back, my Christmas was actually pretty Christmas-y. Just the way I like it 🙂



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