Weekend Update

Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and were surrounded by lots of friends, family, and food. I think I’m officially holiday partied out and my body needs a cleanse. There has been time between feasts for a few runs and I can totally see why people make it their new years resolutions to get in shape after the holidays. They get you. Prime example: it’s a Saturday night and my body just wanted to stay in and go to bed by ten.

Lots of vacation days over the past week had me doing a lot of fun things.

Current internet obsession: Humans of New York. Ok, I’m probably late to this game, but once I start reading the stories, I can’t stop.

New favorite running accessory: These shoesies. I’ve gone on two runs with them so far. So far so good.


New mindless activity: Knitting. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I’m not sure how good my “scarf” will even be… but I was in Michael’s the other day and had the urge to take up this new hobby. Maybe next year everyone will get scarves for Christmas?

Current craving: This mac and cheese. All I want for food right now is exactly the opposite of what you would have at your Christmas dining room table. I had this dish the other day and it was very different from what I had had for mac and cheese before. It had an egg in it making it light and fluffy. Putting broil on at the last mite was the best idea ever. It was left with a crunchy top to go with the airy middle.


Now… it’s time for bed after a wild Saturday night in making a blog post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

    1. Thanks! Knitting is definitely worth a shot.. I’ve had to restart my scarf like ten times but I think I’m finally understanding how it works haha. I also want to try arm knitting… apparently you can make a scarf in 30 minutes!


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