Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday Night! Normally I’d be dreading the Monday that is right around the corner, but knowing I have a short (and busy) week doesn’t make it seem that bad! The next few days are going to fly by! I gave myself last Friday off to get caught up on some Christmas essentials, like baking.

So my Friday morning started off the right way with a little help from Mr. Kitchen.


Friday’s baking consisted of peanut butter blossoms! these are super simple and delicious! the only problem I have is that the recipe claims it will make 48… and I only ended up with 28… whoopsies!


Besides baking, the other best part of having Friday off was the fact that I had daylight! I headed out for a very chilly fun on mny favorite three(ish) mile loop. The legs felt good after four days off! I’m always worried that after a few days off my legs will forget how to run. They never do, thank goodness.


Friday night activities found me at a Celtics game. Before the game there was a quick trip to the mall. Feast your eyes on the best window ever by J.Crew. I died. And then took up the entire walkway trying to get a picture.


So I would say the first day of my three day weekend was a success! After getting home pretty late, I didn’t have much time to slow down and relax (besides sleep) before I was up the next morning for another run before another busy day! The temperature was pretty freakin cold. I had no idea how to dress. I ended up with my Lulu Scuba hoodie. It wasn’t annoying to run in at all, but I did get a little overheated since I was expecting there to be a wind. I did my favorite three mile loop again… it’s quick, easy, convenient, and I know I can do it in less than half an hour.


Time a matter Saturday morning because late morning I shipped back to Boston to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. What an interesting show. Not what I would have expected at all. While I’m not going to go out and buy a TSO CD and become their biggest fan, I will say it is worth seeing. The lighting and stage presence of all the performers makes it worth it.


When I got home from the show, I realized my Halo Headband had arrived!!!! I considered going out and running right then, but decided to wait until the morning like a sane person. I wasn’t expecting to get it so soon since I wasn’t even a paying customer, but there it was in all its’ teal glory.


For Sunday, I had so many dreams and ambitions, but only got a few things done. First of all, I tackled my wrapping project. It took nearly three times as long as I thought it was going to. I had to get organized before I could even wrap. The one flaw in my plan is I didn’t put name tags on everything so I hope I can go with the shake and remember what was in the box technique I always end up doing.


i obviously had to go out and try my new headband, I was even ambitious enough to go a little longer today. I know I’m completely capable of running at least 6+ miles, but since I’m not training for anything I don’t see the point. I would rather keep a base where I can run 3-5 with zero effort than risk injuring myself on a longer run. My knees thank me for this logic.

For my entire run today little snow flurries were present. It was actually very peaceful and fun to run in, except for when I would get one in my eye and couldn’t see anything. While the snow was falling, this headband was staying put. Didn’t even budge a little. It’s a headband from the heavens. I can’t believe I didn’t get my hands on one sooner. It’s a nice thick one too, so when I was feeling a little chilly in the ear regain, I just slipped it over my ears a little. The one reason I hate running with actually headbands over my ears is that I feel like they trap the sweat and make me overheated. This one wicks the sweat right away and I didn’t get a little streak going down my face like I usually do. I most definitely need to invest in their winter headband.

The rest of my day was spend trying to figure out what was wrong with my cookie press and fighting with it. I did end up getting it to work, but it wasn’t a smooth operation. I should have just rolled out my cookies instead of trying to make that darn thing work. Oh well, it will be ready for next time!

I guess the one main thing I didn’t get to doing today was studying for my CPA exams…. the holidays and all its activities are just too exciting and distracting! At least there is always next Sunday… right?!


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