What’s Getting Me Through

Happy Wednesday! This week is flying by, but I finally set aside some time to do laundry that I have been putting off for weeks (yes I can go that long without doing it which is embarrassing). In the winter, I feel like I can at least wear running pants twice before washing since I don’t sweat as much. I also have a fear of stretching them out from over washing. Not that I even have to worry about this since the only time I really get out is on the weekends for now. Good news though, it’s only days before the days start getting longer again… yippee!

Here’s what is getting me through this week…


Being Basic

I stepped out to go Christmas shopping earlier this week in full on trendy attire. I did my hair and makeup, wore a plaid flannel button down, and embraced some more plaid with the lining of my jacket. I also rocked skinny jeans with leather boots. I felt like I stepped right out of a fashion blog. If only everyday I could put that much effort into getting dressed.



I won a Halo Headband!! I was randomly selected on Instagram to chose my favorite color and headband and it is now on the way! I felt like I had won the lottery. I mean, how cool is it that they found my Instagram account and chose me to win one out of all the 5000 million billion running related accounts out there. Thanks Halo Headbands!!


Almost the (Running) Weekend

I look forward to the weekends so much. It’s not for a chance to sleep in, go shopping, or stay out late. It’s that I finally can run in daylight. After the past weekend of running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I was feeling pretty good! I hope I can have another streak like that this coming weekend as well!


This Quote.

I love motivational quotes. I mentioned it in my last post but here it is again. And I still love it and it’s totally true. Training not only taught me how to run 26.2 miles, it taught me discipline, sacrifice, and determination. I feel confident I can do almost anything just from running that distance.


Christmas Decor. 

It’s everywhere. And I love it. My boss got sent this awesome plant(?) this week that is fully equipped with Christmas lights that you plug in. Christmas is only eight days away and I still don’t feel fully decorated. There is so much to do still!!!

Have a great rest of your week! Don’t get too angry at people at the mall 🙂


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