Dreaming of Sunshine

Hello! The weather outside today has got me feeling a little like this:


I could have sworn at 1p.m. it was getting dark outside… it’s like it almost never because daytime today. I’m wishing I was somewhere sunny at 75… instead of being somewhere rainy and 32. The weather today actually called for snow and ice, but luckily it was only rain and fog. Thank goodness. The rain made my drive to work slow enough that I can’t imagine what it would have been like if it was snow.

I really need to become better prepared for the weather:


I somehow even turn the rain into an excuse not to go on the treadmill… as if it is raining in the basement and the cars won’t see me running in the dark. Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will get up and run and pretend I’m here:


Oh Folly Beach in Charleston, SC. You have my heart. And sunshine. I miss you. Love, Brittany


I’ll also keep dreaming I’m wearing these shorts. There’s nothing that goes better in Charleston than some Lilly Pulitzer shorts. Sunshine on a textile.

I hope everyone out there is staying dry and trying to find sunshine any way they can!


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Sunshine

  1. I’m liking the 30s and rainy atmosphere at the moment. Today was paradise compared to the ice and snow of a week ago. I feel bad for those getting all the snow. I’d like to send those I know who don’t get snow there and see how much they like three feet of the stuff:P


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