Homemade Bouquets

I LOVE flowers. Especially now, in the dead of a gray winter, there is nothing more I like than anything that reminds me of spring time and sunshine. When I was picking up some groceries in Shaw’s today, they had a huge display of different bunches of flowers to make bouquets. They had everything color and texture imaginable. I wanted to do something Christmas themed, but then I found these pink petite roses that reminded me of my Shabby Chic bedding and I fell in love. Oh yea.. and did I mention all bouquets were 3 for $12. You can’t beat that!


When I got the flowers home, I then had the task of arranging them. I was thinking to myself “how hard can this be?” Answer to my question: really freakin hard. I have no idea how some people do this. Being a floral designer is definitely not something I can quit my day job over. I’m one of those people who has wonderful crafty ideas in my head… but just can’t seem to make them work out in real life. So I ended up making what I was capable of. I’m sure someone to understands the art of arranging flowers would have gone about it in a completely different way… but I can live with my results.


I created two small bouquets in short vases with the two (huge) white hydrangeas. It was tricky to get the balance right since the hydrangea was so large and fragile. I was sort of able to weave in the other flowers so they weren’t all gathered around the hydrangea. The left overs I put in a large mason jar at different heights.


All three bouquets looked good next to each other on a counter top with the different height and vases. Overall, it was a fun little experiment for a Friday afternoon! I know I still need some practice, but I don’t think I will ever buy an overpriced center piece or arrangement again. It is way more fun picking out the flowers and arranging them yourself… and it also adds a personal touch when giving them as a gift!

Please let me know if you have any good resources or any successful arrangements! I would love some ideas and tricks!


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