A Gray Overdue Run

Current weather condition: Snowing. Anyone surprised? Thank goodness I had a chance to finally get a run in today since this weekend looks like a cold, rainy, wintery-mixy washout. The air was crisp cold, the sky was gray, and the passerby’s were confused.


31 actually sounds pretty warm to me. The problem is once you add a slight breeze and cloudy skies to that temperature, it feels more like it is in the low 20s. Between the grey clouds, the grey snow, and my grey tech cape, my shoes were really standing out today. My phone also felt like it was freezing out because at mile 2.91 it shut down from the cold. The great thing about the Nike+ running app is that when fluke things like that happen, as soon as you restart your phone and app, it remembers right where it left off. High five to you Nike running.

I knew I was long overdue for a run when I saw that I had logged zero miles for December so far. No one else I’m friends with had logged any either so, naturally, I had to get in first place. I have a feeling I’ll be able to hold it for a while.


Speaking of cold, dark December runs, I am absolutely in love with Nike’s new running campaign for this winter. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your chance:

Not only does their plan or making me want all their winter gear work, it really does have a point! Winter will only have an effect on your training if you let it… the key is to not let it get you down and be prepared! Bad weather is NOT an excuse. Although… I will take into consideration that hazardous storm warning blizzard weather is a pretty good excuse… that’s just the practical person in me. But seriously, I watch that commercial and I feel like I can train all winter like the professional athletes and be ready for the next round of Olympics. Way to go Nike, your really getting a lot of points with me today.

Prior to running, I went out to lunch and had this amazing, not too sweet, mint green tea…


And a salad with beets, carrots, and goat cheese aside a piece of mushroom quiche. Lunch is way better when it is made for you.


I almost lost all motivation to run by the time I was home from lunch, but then I remembered that feeling after your done running and I wanted that. Whenever I am having a less than inspiring day, I just have to remember that running is pretty amazing and there are a lot more goals I still need to reach.


Now it’s time for the evening edition of exercising…




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