What’s Getting Me Through

Happy Wednesday! Last night it snowed. Again. This all makes waking up for morning runs hazardous for me and all the more reason to stay in bed. This sums up all my studying and exercising habits this week so far…


So good thing there are three full, beautiful days left to the week to be more productive. In all seriousness though, I do believe I did some harm to my ankle Thanksgiving day. I was exiting the house and slipped on the stairs. While holding the pie. It was either save the pie or my ankle and it’s obvious which one I needed more at the time. I was going to do a half marathon this coming Saturday but it may not be worth it with a bum ankle, not to mention it’s suppose to be freezing rain and snow which sounds like a great way to get sick before Christmas.

Anyway, aside from working and sitting around, there are a few things that are helping me preserver through the week so far:


Cyber Monday

Soooo who else got sucked into cyber Monday sales?! I thought about them all day at work, made a list of what I was going to buy, and then got home and failed at sticking to the list.  I spent a good three hours browsing the internet trying to find the perfect gifts. There were some pretty good sales out there and I think I did well! I also ended up getting things I knew were never going to go on sale due to their nature. I wanted to make sure I got a hold of them in case there’s a sudden demand for something like fajita skillets and I can’t find one anywhere.


Starbuck’s Advent Calendar 

It’s finally December so I am now onto day 3 of this lovely calendar. Each tin has a little treat inside and one is suppose to have a $5 gift card (I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s day 25). I love that I will have the tins after along with the chalk board. It’s super fun compared to the basic calendars I have had in past years.


Fresh Veggie Stir-fry 

After almost a week of eating nothing but pie and leftovers, it was very refreshing to eat a simple stir-fry heavy on green vegetables.


Hot Chocolate (with marshmallows!)

I didn’t want to be too healthy with the veggies… it’s all about balance, right? The snow falling down Tuesday night had me craving a rich dark chocolate with marshmallows. Perfect for gold nights on the couch (and I’m really loving the couch this week).

Ask Lena

I have recently been obsessed with the TV show Girls starring Lena Dunham. She has a new book called “Not That Kind of Girl” and has created a YouTube channel answering fan questions. She is hilarious and I want to be best friends with her blunt self. And we should all actually listen to her and these questions because she is right on point with a lot of things.

I hope you all have little things getting you through your week!




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