White Wednesday

Black Friday shopping sounds like a great idea… but when you put thousands of turkey-coma and tired people in one spot it becomes a little overwhelming. This is why for the past few years, me and my mom have opted to go “White Wednesday” shopping instead. I have no idea how it got that name, but this year it was literally a white Wednesday with the snow coming down. The day before Thanksgiving is a great day to shop. There are barely any people out since most are traveling and preparing food. This year, there were really no people out because of the snow.

Personally, I would way rather spend a little more and have no lines and a great selection than go out on Black Friday. That being said, I am usually only clothing/home shopping. A lot of store even have their Black Friday sales start the Wednesday before. The only difference may be some sort of door-buster deal.

Of course I ended up going out shopping on Black Friday, but it wasn’t until four in the afternoon. There were still a good selection of things in Target on sale. I feel like they must have done some restocking during the day. Once again, the only things I feel like I missed out on were the door-buster deals, but I was only there for Christmas Tree lights and I really didn’t need to impulse buy a TV.


A day of snowy shopping had to commence with a lavender vanilla latte from Union Coffee Co. This was my first time here and I was tempted to stop again on the way home. My latte was accompanied by a cinnamon twist. The best cinnamon twist ever, actually. It was flakey and buttery and cinnamony. Everything you would want before a shopping trip in a snow storm.


Uniform for bracing the cold; J.Crew Pixie Pants, leg warmers, extra cozy socks, L.L. Bean Bean Boots, oversized scarf, festive nails, and a Michael Kors jacket with the biggest fur hood you’ve ever seen (found at a T.J. Maxx Price!) The boots kept my feet dry in all the slush without making my feet cold. Amazing.


White Wednesday shopping took on a literal meaning around 11 a.m. making the Merrimack Outlets even more beautiful than I normally think they are.


Great deals were found at J.Crew (50% off!), Polo, and the Saks outlet (50% off boots!) before it was time to head out into the winter… with all the other cars (just kidding). The way home was an adventure, but four wheel drive was activated and we cruised right along making it home safe and sound with plenty of time to make some pies.


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