Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! My festivities began the night before with some pie making while buckets of snow came down from the sky. I think we got at least 8 inches. The entire time I was baking the lights kept flickering and we were extremely lucky to not lose power. A lot of the surrounding towns to me did lose power and couldn’t make their Thanksgiving turkeys. I can imagine that Friday and Saturday night dinners were just as full of Thanksgiving dinners as Wednesday was around here.


I started things off with making Martha Stewart’s Pear-Cranberry pie. The only differences between the recipe and what I did were: I used a pre-made crust, did my own lattice thing, and only used four cups of cranberries.


Coco was hating the snow and all the dishes I was making.

IMG_6662 IMG_6663

My finished pie! This was prior to putting the apricot glaze on top. It was such a beautiful pie! As far as the taste goes, it was on the tart side, so be warned. I think either cooking the cranberries slightly with sugar before putting in the pie or baking a tad longer so they become more tender would have made a difference. However, I didn’t mind the tartness, especially since it complimented the sweet pears. I also didn’t feel bad for eating it as breakfast the next day!


For me, Thanksgiving day started off with a four mile run. I was worried I would be slipping and sliding on the freshly fallen snow, but the roads were blowed pretty good and the ground hadn’t been frozen so the snow was already melting away. There were some sloppy parts, but I just took my time and made the best of it. It was like an running adventure.


My poor little car got covered! You can really see how much snow we got here.


Yikes. You would think this was a Christmas morning picture.


Before dinner, I whipped up a super quick appetizer. All you do is take half a cup of softened goat cheese and half a cup of pumpkin puree and combine until one consistency. I then flavored the cheese mixture with a little cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg. Then, on whole walnut halves, you put about half a teaspoon and top with a dried cranberry. So easy and delicious!


Feast number one of the day. It included turkey, potatoes, squash, stuffing, cranberry sauce, lasagna?, brussels sprouts, bread… anddddd some pies obviously. Dinner numero dos that I attending had twice as many sides. Needless to say, it is now Sunday and I am still full.


It’s always sad when holidays are over, but the great thing about moving on from Thanksgiving is that CHRISTMAS SEASON IS HEREEEEE! Grab your Santa. Grab your tree. It’s time to get decorating!



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