Kate Spade Salon Wall Art Prints

If you have every been in a Kate Spade store, you know how bright, cheery, and organized they are. Walking into one can instantly put you in a good mood. Everything is so organized (unlike any room I’m in charge of). Recently, through Facebook, they have released 12 limited edition prints from their salon wall collection. They can be found here. And they are awesome.

Kate Spade 1

Bouquet of Peonies Print

kate Spade 2

Places To Go Print

Kate Spade 3

The Great Gatsby Print from the Page Turner Prints

Kate Spade 4

Tiny Treasures Print Set

I think that the prints are just the right amount of whimsical and would be perfect for an office or any living space. Some come in sets, while you can buy others solo. They are meant to be put together as a collection to create the Kate Spade “Salon Wall” but stand alone just as well. My first purchase will definitely be the peonies!


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