Chilly Fall Runs

Greetings! This past week has been impossible for me to get out of bed early enough to run. I tried a few mornings, but between it still being dark and the gusts of wind I could hear, I wanted to stay in bed an extra hour more than anything. So prior to accidentally taking Monday to Thursday off from running (oops), I had a great long run that Sunday! The sun was shining, it was around 36 degrees, and there was a little snow left on the ground from the few inches we got Thursday night. IMG_6544

I have an awful time dressing for this temperature. I seems so cold to me when I’m sitting inside, but as soon as I start running I feel overheated. I used these thicker Lulu headbands instead of actual winter headbands. They cover just the part of my ear that would get cold, and when I get too hot I simply slide my ears out. It makes all of the difference to me. If I get too sick of wearing it I take it off and wrap it around my arm twice and I don’t even notice that it is there. Half-zips are also my best friend for these days. The zipper almost acts as climate control and gives me a little more ventilation when I start to get warm.


My road went from pretty fall colors, to a winter wonderland, to that awkward late fall brown theme. Nonetheless, I still think it’s pretty scenic.


Still a little snow as I finish up! I ended up doing an 8 mile loop in preparation for my 5 mile race today, and a half marathon December 6th. Finishing in 1:06:59 with 8’22” miles gave me a nice relaxing Sunday morning run.



This week you could also pledge your miles for (RED) through Nike and Bank of America. For every  mile you run up to the weekly goal, Bank of America will donate 40 cents to the global fund to fight aids. Even my measly three miles on Friday is equivalent to 3 days of medication and raised $1.20. All you have to do is log in and pledge through a Nike+ account. Nike has done a few things like this isn the past, and it really gives me a little extra motivation to get out there! The weekly goal this week is 400,000 miles!

I’m now off to run that 5 mile race I mentioned a little bit ago! It’s a perfect day in the 40s with clear, blue skies. Happy running!




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