Early Mornings, Snow, and Holiday Spirit

Being one of those people who needs to be busy every second of every day is (as you would guess it) exhausting. Every second of everyday needs to have some sort of propose. Even planning out sitting and watching TV can be a task (I wanted to make sure I was done by run before Ellen came on today).

Busy days turn into quick weeks which turn into months that will fly by in what feels like ten seconds.

Before we know it, Christmas will be here. Don’t worry, Christmas shopping has already made an appearance in my planner a few times this month. One of those times I picked up this little reindeer (or bear with antlers?) that plugs into your computer and changes colors. Festive. Festive for sure. Christmas music has also been playing in my office. If that is what makes formatting financial statements enjoyable, you bet that’s what I’m going to play!


He definitely needs a name… Hmmm, need ideas. Help!

Last weekend Christmas spirit started in full force making these sparkley mason jar candle holders. There were a few trial and error runs, but we got some good ones! This could make an appearance with its own post, beware.


I’ve also been into making lattes every morning since it’s time to say goodbye to iced coffee. My lattes don’t get too exciting these days. I use to make a lavender and vanilla once using Monin syrups, but the other day I discovered that the vanilla one had mold in it. So that ruined that for me. I keep it simple most days. I make a few shots of espresso and steam some almost milk. If I’m feeling wild I’ll drizzle on some chocolate syrup. My latte art is impeccable:


Here’s just a picture of Coco. She doesn’t have a busy life (she may beg to differ).


Running with this time change has been challenging. I either have to wake up super early before work when the sun is coming up or run in the dark. I don’t want to run in the dark around here since there are no street lights so I start my mornings around 5:30. Around 6:00 is when I leave and the sun stilllll isn’t fully out. Around a mile into my run the sun will pop out and I regret wearing three layers. The plus side of this schedule is that I get to work around 8:00 having already ran, showered, and commuted 40 minutes. My main motivation for getting up and out of bed while it’s still dark out? These Pro Compression socks:


They are nice and fitted and I have yet to have seen any blisters appear from them. They also come up at a good heigh to make sure there is no gap between my socks and tights which is necessary on these cold mornings. It’s been so cold lately that this morning there was snow on the ground:


Yup, after this morning I’m officially ready for a snow storm. Too bad I can’t wear these boots in it:


I was so excited to get them all week and they finally arrived… and don’t fit. They are wide enough for about half my foot. It’s really sad… but at least it saved me some money? In mourning of the boots I will be returning, I did what one must do in a time like this:


Yup, I made brownies. From scratch. I’ve never had good luck from scratch… this time was no different. They were by far the best from scratch brownies I’ve ever made… but Betty Crocker isn’t going to be turning them into a box mix anytime soon. I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing!




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