What’s Getting Me Through

Happy Wednesday! I’m thrilled it’s already Wednesday night, but slightly concerned because I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I was planning so far this week. This is all starting to make me feel a little overwhelmed.

At least I have a few things that are getting me through:


New Running Equipment. 

This Nathan handheld water bottle. It was one of the few things I got at the NYC Marathon expo. I’m so excited to it out. It’s probably my motivation to get out on a long run this weekend!



Speaking of running… I gave myself Monday off since it was soooo windy. Like trees falling down windy. My legs were restless by Tuesday. The worst part of the time change in the fall is that I leave work at 5… right when it’s getting dark. By the time I’m home there is no daylight left to chase after. I need to convert to a morning runner. I was good on Tuesday and was able to sneak 3+ in before voting and working. This morning, however, my alarm decided to not make any noise so I only had time for a mile instead of the 5 I was planning… there’s always tomorrow!


This pig.

Christmas decorations are out at Target! This pig included. It’s really only a matter of time before I buy it… it’s ridiculous(ly cute).



I bought these Kate Spade small square studs a few weeks ago and have been wearing them ever since. They come with large supportive backs and go with everything. Bonus points today for wearing them with a Lilly Pulitzer scarf… I looked instantly put together and no one knew I overslept and was running late.

These four things make me instantly happier just thinking about them… not sure if that’s good or bad… but I need that pig. End of story



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