What’s Getting Me Through



This week, like every week it seems, is flying by. I’m at a seminar through today on auditing, disclosure notes, and other exciting accounting topics. It’s just about as exciting as it sounds. It’s nice to get away from the office for a few days, but I know all the work I have is still sitting on my desk waiting for me Thursday!

Here’s a look of what’s getting me through this week:


The Celtics.

Today is opening day at TD Garden for the Celtics! I (by surprise) got to go to one of the preseason games last week. They have redone a lot of the Garden in the past few years and offer more food options and really started to make the place look new again. The Celtics may not have a strong team this year, but they won last week! They must have known I was there…


Good Food. 

Of course the days I’m away at the seminar I don’t need leftovers which is a shame. This week would have been left over city at the office if I needed to pack lunches. It all started last week with taco night (fresh salsa pictured above). Other greet meals have included homemade mac & cheese, pulled pork, and spaghetti! Perfect comfort food for these cold days we are starting to have.


Evening Runs. 

Being back into the groove of running this week is making me feel 100 times better about my life. With the seminar, I am getting home half an hour earlier than most days giving me time to sneak in a run. Yesterday I really cut the timing close, but it was worth it since the sky was on fire. I wish I had been on a better road during this time to get a picture. I couldn’t stop staring. Well worth the sketchy dark run it turned into.


Fresh Nails. 

I don’t know about you, but when I have a chip-less manicure I feel instantly more put together. That being said, I probably do my nails about once a week. Sometimes they come out awful, other times I’m in love, like this week. The solid color is Essie “Ballet Slippers” with a Julep glitter accent nail. The best part of this weeks manicure? I didn’t bump my nails on anything before they were dry! Small victory!

This Chinchilla. 

Enough said.

Have a great second half of the week!


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