What’s Getting Me Through

Some weeks are harder than others. Harder to get out of work on time. Harder to sneak in a run before all day light is lost. Harder to resist the tenth sweet treat of the day. And harder to stop and relax. These weeks eventually end, and always have a few motivations throughout to help you push through.

Here’s a look of what’s getting me through this week:


Surprise flowers. 

Getting sent flower at work is always a treat, especially when there isn’t an obligatory holiday. So unless these were Christopher Columbus flowers, I was surprised. They have added sunshine to my office during this deadline week.


This face. 

Coco Chanel doesn’t have to do taxes. All she has to do is sit on her couch (yes, she has taken over an entire couch) and watch the world madly turn around her. What a life. She let’s me live vicariously through her and gives me snuggles when I get home from work.


The Foliage. 

I really can’t get enough of it. I can even make leave jokes at this point. It has been, hands down, one of the most picturesque falls I have ever seen. The weather has even been on point. I wish the world was full of this much color all year round.


Taking Breaks. 

Sometimes at work it’s nice to take a break and put your vest on a dog… you know, normal things. This is Trek, he comes to work everyday with a co-worker and lets us pet him when we are feeling stressed, talk to him when we are delirious, and dress him up when we need to laugh.

I hope whatever kind of week you are having, there are certain things helping you get through. Friday is only two days away!


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