Viking 5K Race Recap

What: Viking 5k

Where: New Ipswich, NH

When: September 20, 2014

With everyone running half and full marathons these days, let’s not forget about the popular 5k. These can be fast & easy training runs or an epic accomplishment for a new runner. So let’s all celebrate the 5k.

For the past few years, Mascenic Regional High School has celebrated their homecoming weekend by putting on a 5k. Each year it has continued to grow and is a great morning full of teachers, students, and locals.

I decided around 6 am that morning I was going to run. I then stayed in bed until 7, got up, ate half an english muffin with peanut butter, had some coffee, fed my horse, and was at the school, registered, and ready to go for the 8 am start.


The Course:

Mile 1: The race starts out in the parking lot of the school and continues to be flat before dropping to a speedy downhill. This takes up about 7/8 of the first mile. The last part of the first mile goes right up hill. I could see how this could catch someone off guard, but luckily I ran this in high school almost everyday so I know these roads like the back of my hand. Time for first mile: 6:34

Mile 2: After the first mile mark, the course turns into a more gradual downhill than the first, and this continues and evens out over the next half mile. You take a turn onto a flat dirt road with a slight up hill at the end. You then turn onto a paved road which continues flat and ends the mile on a downhill. Time for second mile: 6:49

Mile 3: Sounds like a nice flat fast course, right? WRONG. the last mile is almost entirely up hill. After the second mile mark, you go right up hill. From that hill, you are level for about two seconds and then get to go up that speedy fast hill you went down for the first mile. This is the crash and burn of the course. The first two miles of fast and easy can really wear you out if you don’t leave enough energy for this hill. It then ends in the parking lot where it began. Time for second mile: 8:02

Total time: 22:18… Imagine what kind of time this course could have if it wasn’t for the last mile??! I’m tell ya, it’s killer.


Since this was a small race, that time got me second female… yippee! (first beat me by 2 seconds… and was ten years younger than me……………)


The treats after were also phenomenal. Fresh baked raspberry nissu and chocolate cookies.


Yummm! SO, morale of the story is obviously clear… always run little races, you get tasty rewards at the end 😉



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