A Taxing Tuesday

So today was a busy day in the office. Tomorrow (October 15th) is the deadline to file all personal tax returns that have been on extension. So for all of you who though “April 15th deadline? Pshhh let’s go on extension and figure it out over the summer” …well folks, it’s down to the wire if you still have not processed your return.

Of course you can still file after the deadline, but penalties and interest will be applied. And always remember, it’s better to catch up with the IRS, before they catch up with you.

So I wish I could say that I went on a run, made a pie, watched some TV, walked the dog, and painted my nails today. But there was no time. I got up, went to work, stayed at work, and am now ready for bed.

Now to even out those somber paragraphs, I will leave you with some awful accounting jokes:






So happy October 15th! And don’t forget to be nice to your tax accountant; we see some pretty creative stuff!


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