All Women & One Lucky Guy Recap

What? All Women & One Lucky Half Marathon

Where? Newburyport, MA

When? September 14, 2014 9 am

Yes I realized that September 14th was a long time ago, but bear with me as I play catch up. And this was a great race! I ran it with a few of my friends and we left around 6:30 to get to the race with plenty of time. I don’t think it actually hit me that I was running a half marathon until about half way there. I wasn’t even really sure I wanted to run since I was in the middle of marathon training and didn’t want to risk injury and it was suppose to be a long run (like 22 miles…) weekend.

This race is exactly what it sounds like; it is all women and one lucky guy gets a chance to run the race as well. These chances are bought through raffle tickets and the winner is announced a few weeks before. This year’s lucky man was very excited. His story can be ready here.


We got to the starting area and picked up our numbers in the high school. It was a lot cooler than I expected it to be, but it was on the coast so I’m not sure what I was thinking. The race started on time (always a plus) and the course took us around scenic Newburyport.


It was nice having a loop where the last section repeats itself so I knew was to expect at the end. The course had a few larger hills that definitely caught some women off guard. These small hills lasted until mile 8. From then on it was a nice coast to the end. Elevation

At first I was worried I got out too slow and I was having a hard time finding a pace I liked. It had been about two years since I had last ran a half marathon so I felt like it was my first all over again. By around the 3rd and 4th mile I was feeling like my old self… only a lot faster than I had ever been. I just decided to go with it and it actually felt like a pace I could keep up with. At some point, I think it was about half way, they handed out vanilla Hammer gels. Those things are delicious I slurped  mine right up. I had never had that kind before and I must say that I was impressed! It tasted like a marshmallow and settled well in my stomach. There was a water stop right after the gel, and a few others along the way that I paid no attention to because I’m an idiot and had no interest in staying hydrated.

The hills until allowed me to pass a lot of people. I used short powerful strides that helped me get up and over. I didn’t drive the course before so I just prayed that I would meet downhills, and I did. These downhills really helped me loosen my legs up and feel like I was floating.

10405653_10152654150299627_9084234061869802700_nIt looks like I’m running by myself… because for most of the race I was. I think one person passed me in the last few miles and catching up to the next group was a little out of hand so I finished strong by myself. I ended up 14th with a time of 1:41:47. A half marathon PR in the books right here! I was also second in my age group winning me some socks and a hat. There were only 225 that ran it this year which was a lot lower than the 800 + in past years. I didn’t mind. The less people the less chaotic things seem to be at races.

After the race, they had a lot of great sponsors set up. They included Zico coconut water, Luna bars, Newton shoes, Hint water, and Stoneyfield yogurt. Needless to say, I stocked up on snacks for the week. They also served chicken salads that were delicious!


Overall, it was a successful and beautiful day for half marathon!


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