Colorful Leaves & Sea Breezes

You know what is so great about New Hampshire? One second you can be enjoying the mountains and beautiful fall foliage… and within a few hours (or less depending where you are) you can be on the ocean! This morning my day started off making sure my legs still worked post marathon. I had attempted to run Thursday and the one mile I did was pure torture. Today, however, the sun was shining, the leaves were falling, and I was able to do my favorite 5k loop!


All greater up and ready to go! I figured it was officially time to break in the new kicks. I wasn’t sure what an appropriate amount of time to take off after a marathon is. I read everything from four days to month. I decided a easy maintenance run after a week wouldn’t be the worst thing for my body… especially since I’m still eating like I’m training for a marathon.


As you can see, not a bad place to run at all. I went out at a normal training pace for me and was able to keep it up. I think my body is officially done being sore. The only problems I had were new shoe related, but it’s just a matter of a few more runs and that problem will be solved! I also think I’m going to get at least another pair of shoes and try experimenting with different supports and brands now that I’m not training.


My next dog definitely needs to be one I can run with… all Coco Chanel is good for is licking the salt off my race and barking at me while I’m trying to stretch after a run. At least she is cute! I must say it was a big relief for me knowing that my legs still function after my race… now just a few more weeks of these little recovery runs before I plan my next attack.

This afternoon was spent taking one last sunny warm(ish) ride to the beach with my mom. From where I live it only takes a little over an hour and a half to get to Hampton Beach. It’s not the most glamorous area, but they have built it up nicely over the past few years and the beach itself is probably one of the cleanest I’ve ever been to. Our first stop on the trip was to take a look at a little house for sale. It’s always good to dream right?


Between the full moon that just past and the high tide, the water almost came right up to the house! As you can see, I’m dressed pretty warm. This sweater I actually just picked up at the Merrimack Outlets (another reason to love where I live right there) yesterday for $21.58! I always knew store prices were better than online ones, and that just proves it right there. Today was also a great day to break out my favorite pair of Kenneth Cole boots from last year. Between the smell of salt water, sun shining down, and cool breeze, I could have sat there all day… Maybe someday I’ll be able to!

Our next stop was to the boardwalk/beach area to walk around. Almost everything was closed for the season but I was able to sneak in one last ice cream cone:


Pure. Bliss. The beach was empty besides a few people strolling along or reading a book. There were people dressed as I was in boots and sweaters and a few trying to live out summer with shorts and bright colored tops.

Of course on our way home we made a pit stop to the newly open Whole Foods in Nashua and stocked up on deliciousness to keep our bellies full all week.

So as far as Sundays go, I would say this one was very successful! I hope you all had an amazing day as well and were able to get outside!


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