Wineglass Marathon: The Outfit Edition

I probably put more thought and effort into my first marathon outfit than I did for any prom dress I ever had in high school. I mean, I did some high quality research. It was important to me that I had something that wasn’t going to ride up, cause unnecessary rubbing, keep me cool, keep me warm, and look good in photo since I knew I wanted to document this day.

I waited until I saw the race day temperature to decide on my outfit. Part of me thought I deserved a brand new outfit for a final push of motivation and a reward for completing my training. I knew it wasn’t good to try something new on race day, so I stuck with something old so that’s why I bought it the week before instead of the day before ;). Temps called for mid 30s to high 50s… so I thought that was going to feel like beach weather… boy was I wrong. I couldn’t believe I contemplated getting a tank top. I was super glad I brought Nike warm up pants and a Lululemon Scuba Hoodie to keep me warm prior to the race. I also had purchased some throw away gloves that I ditched around mile four. These were also essential for that running nose the cold was giving me.

I use to LIVE in Nike tempo shorts, but I also ran (haha… pun) into the problem of chaffing. Once upon a day I splurged on a pair of Lululemon Groovy Run Shorts and never chaffed again. So naturally I found my one true love in shorts form, and they stop making them. I had to replace them. With……


Run Times Short in 4 way stretch. If I thought I loved the Groovy shorts, I’m not sure what this feeling is because they are better. They are lighter and I actually didn’t feel like I was wearing much of anything but I still had the four inch inseam to keep things covered. There is one zip pocket in the back where I kept a GU and gum, and two little pockets on the front which hold a GU or chapstick. So ditch any shorts you have with a thick seem and cash in for these. If size reference is something you are interested in, I got a 6 and normal get a small in Nike tempo shorts. I tried on the 4 in the Lulus but they were a bit constricting.

Every great pair of running shorts needs a fantastic bright colored top. Since I was already in Lulu and have a minor obsession, I picked up Run Swifty Tech Short Sleeve Crew. It’s a soft ventilated top with a tight fit. At first during the race, I felt it riding up. As the race went on (aka I sweated) the shirt stayed put! I had no irritated around the arms and it wicked the sweat away and didn’t feel like it was being weighed down.


Under that lovely shirt I had picked up a New Balance sports bra with a removable padding at TJ Maxx a few days before. I thought the padding would hold sweat and drive me insane… didn’t even notice it. For socks I had a pair of Balega Enduro 2 low cut socks. I’m not saying these were the best socks… or the worst. I had put blister protector on and still managed to get blisters. But that could be me, I always get blisters. I wanted to wear a sock with more cushioning since I was wearing older shoes and they did the trick for sure. Speaking of shoes, the ones on the left are the ones I went with. I had just replaced my Brooks Ravenna 4’s with 5’s and hadn’t had enough time to wear them in. Overall, amazing shoe. Both pairs took me some time to wear in, but once they became comfortable, I had ZERO issues with my legs/knees/etc… and I’m one to have issues with everything.


Accessories on my head included this Nike headband I bought at Dick’s. I can’t find it for the life of me online but it has a little ruffle around the edge. I wanted something so my family would be able to see me coming down the road, this worked. I have never had any luck with headbands staying on (I think I have a weird shaped head or move too much) but this one stayed! I was amazed. It also is adjustable in the back. So go to any store anywhere and try to find this before it’s too late. For earphones I had Inspire Yurbuds. I have always had mixed feelings about these, but after looking into replacing them, the quality can’t be beat for the price. They are simple, twist in your ear, and stay there around 90% of the time. And of course, we have some pearl earrings.


I ran with my iPhone and a lovely, smelly, still damp from my run in the rain five days prior NXE Activesleeve. I refuse to get rid of it, and I admit I need to replace it. It’s lost most elasticity and slides around. But I love it. There’s no straps or velcro rubbing against you and it’s simple and weighs nothing. So take all the things listed above and you get…..


One happy runner who just had a stress/rub/chaffing free marathon! I had contemplated buying compression socks but I didn’t want them for my first rodeo. They seem to be widely accepted in the running world these days so I’m thinking I should give them a go! Anyone else out there have superb running attire I need to try?! I love any excuse to go shopping!


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